“I am a devout Christian who believes Jesus Christ is my lord and savior.   My parents raised me to understand that all of God’s children are perfect in his eye.  We are all special and deserving of his glory. I maintain the opinion that our religious rights are being stripped away from us.  Any person should be able to practice their views if they do not impede the rights of others.  We are seeing a repetitive cycle in where our views as Christians and the views of others are being suppressed and silenced.   I will stand steadfast for our right to have freedom of religion.  It is a shame to see certain groups condemn and belittle those who affiliate with any or even all religious organization.  We should not fear as Christians to be prideful for of our love of God.  Bradley county has always and will always be a hub for the shared belief of our almighty Lord and the commandment that we love our neighbor no matter theirs’.

I am a firm believer in protecting our citizens from every day government interaction. While I do believe government has a vital position in maintaining our society, there must be limitations to its reach and motives.  I will do everything in my power to defend my constituent’s rights to their property and piece of mind.  With the change that is occurring in our country, it is imperative to be aware of the differing ideas that come with that change.  Opposition has and continues to threaten our way of life across the United States.  If I am elected, I plan on working alongside the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office and my fellow commissioners to continue programs that train our churches and our schools in times of crisis and terror.  Terrorism is an unfortunate truth in our society that is creating fear in all our hearts, whether it be domestic or foreign.  I am under the impression that we should rather be safe than sorry.  I do not believe stricter gun laws are the answer to fixing the incredible problem our country is having with shootings and violence.  I will vote against all laws that would impede the purchase of a firearm from a mentally and legally capable citizen.

I will make only one promise to the citizens of my district.  Bradley County will come first in my life as a public servant.  I am a firm believer in the purpose and execution of a representative government.  My personal life shall not be a hinderance or distraction to my public life.  Neither shall my public life be a catalyst for my personal life.  I will loyally and honestly serve my constituents in the 4th District to the best of my abilities.  We must have a united voice to achieve the values and goals shared by our community in leaving the next generation better off than we were in receiving it.  This notion has been a shared idea of our entire country since the day of its founding.  Many of our county’s young minds, including myself, fear that this idea has been lost in translation in today’s divisive political landscape.  We grew up with a distant federal government consistently locked in gridlock, and now we are forced to participate in a local government full of divisiveness and hate.  What hope is there when our officials who live within fifty miles from each other cannot only make unified decisions but can’t even a friendly conversation with each other.  In some cases, they refuse to even be in the same room as one another. Let us not feed into the hate and evil that has become of our once proud government.  Representation has been proven time and time again of its ability to work, but many of today’s politicians would rather uses their forum as a place for personal gains and vendettas.  When this becomes the norm, it is time for change.  It is time that we stand for the needs of the many rather than the greed of the few.”

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