“As someone who grew up watching East Tennessee and Bradley County go through extensive technological and economic advancement, I recognize how our community must act to prepare for even more growth and development.  Our county continues to fall behind when it comes to preparing for even more growth and prosperity in this region.  There are many improvements that must be acted upon now to alleviate the transition for us and to lessen the burden for our children.  Future generations are depending on us to act now to save them from a complete collapse of our financial security in Bradley County.  Many of the propositions and plans I offer are solutions that must be acted upon in the utmost urgent care if we have any hope of catching up.  Our local government has failed us in preparing this county for the economic boom Tennessee has seen for the last fifty years.  If we continue to stick our heads in the sand, it will be too late and there will be no choice but for our future leaders to implement massive tax hikes to achieve unfathomable projects to support their constituent’s well-being.  If we act now, there is still time to fund these improvements without tax increases.  One major thing I have learned as the GM at Angela’s is that money is not only accumulated with the major financial decisions but by being diligent and paying attention to the small costs as well.  Our county must have the same amount of care and focus when using five thousand dollars as it does with three million dollars.  Capital is capital, and there are many more small purchases than there are large purchases.  These transactions add up and cost just as much but without the media’s attention.  Take it from the business that my family operates, one pound of chicken priced too high is much harder to notice than one thousand packets of jelly too high.”


Propositions and Goals:

Completing Exit 20 & Expanding APD 40

Creating a County Wide Sewer System

Reforming the Systems in Place for the Determination of County Employee’s Salaries, Benefits and Retirement Plans


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