Completion of Exit 20 and Expansion of APD 40

“The southeast portion of Bradley County has the most underdeveloped federal and state highway system of the county.  There needs to be a massive effort in updating our roads to strengthen the equal growth of our entire county.  This system is riddled with discrepancies such as pot holes and non-effective designs that make increased travel not only dangerous but not implausible.  There has been too many mistakes, delays and red tape that has impeded the construction of exit 20 and the expansion of APD 40.  For the last half century, Bradley County has focused on the northern regions while ignoring the pleas of our once prosperous region.  Once a major hub of business and industry, the southern and eastern regions have found its self in the midst of poverty.  The 4th, 5th and 6th District deserve better.  Our districts were the backbone of Bradley County for more than a century.  Now, our local government seems to not care less about our development and sustainability.  Our districts’ voices must be heard, loud and clear.  We refuse to only be a symbol of the past but affirm our belief that Bradley County will be the fore front of a system that incorporates its future with its past.  Our local government has failed in ensuring the prosperity of the 4th district.   Our flow of traffic depends on the accessibility and dependability of APD 40.  Exit 20 has been a complete and utter failure by our county.  This exit has been changed and modified in so many ways that it should be considered historical significance.  Personally, I barely remember a time when this project has not been in process.  It is time that completion of this endeavor becomes the most important focus of our county.  We have wasted an unimaginable amount of tax money in land and contracts “trying” to complete Exit 20.  It has either become the greatest form of negligence ever recorded by a county, or the intentions of our local officials have been nothing but self-driven and financial.  I grew up understanding the famous quote, “Where there is smoke, there is fire.”  Folks, you may not see it, but there is smoke engulfing our county.  No more red tape, no more excuses.  Another issue is the size and safety of APD 40.  This highway is an entry point of many different regions that surround Bradley County.  An immediate expansion of this state road is vital for the growth of the entire county.  It is the entry for North Carolina, Georgia and Chattanooga.  With a full functioning, safe highway system, we could see an incredible amount of traffic that would bring massive growth to our region.  My family’s restaurant has a huge influx of customers every year from the amount of traffic that flows towards Murphy.  With a better efficiently controlled system, our county could see the Hwy 64 and APD 40 region see a growth in business never seen before.  Also, it is possibly the most dangerous road in all of Bradley County.  Vehicles travel down this road at speeds of around 60 mph, but there are businesses on the shoulder like one would see in a city.  When APD 40 is expanded, the use of exit roads and traffic lights needs to be implicated.  In the last few years, this highway has been home to some of the worst accidents and tragedies.  Its simply not safe, and the longer we wait, the more lives that will be ruined.  Studies have shown, these improvements to the road will not only be safer, but would allow smoother, more sustained traffic.  This notion strengthens the argument that we need a better main highway system that runs through our county to bring in more jobs into our area.”

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