Creation of County Wide Sewer System

“Bradley County must begin work on an extensive county wide public sewage system.  For years, there has been a dire need for this project to come to realization.  Many factories and businesses refuse to move outside of the city limits because of the lack of sewage.  Financially, this would be the most lucrative project to support the 4th District.  We would see a boom of new businesses string along Hwy 64 because of the heavy flow of traffic that already passes through our area.  New business means more jobs.  Current employers will also benefit from this because the upkeep and maintenance of sewage tanks is costly and time consuming.  Business owners will be able to put more of their capital and time into employees and growing their businesses.  Also, there are huge health and hygiene benefits in bringing this idea into action.  The citizens of our county are important and deserve to receive benefits from the taxes they pay.  Local government must protect the need of our constituents to have access to a proper sewage system.  For years, the County Commission has peddled with this project, but they have failed in their attempts because of the lack of discussion they are willing to have with the City Council.  The only way this can be possible is if the city and the county have a mutually beneficial agreement in working together.  Our commission has been weak and allowed the council to annex properties without the annexation of the roads.  If they want our buildings, it is imperative for them to maintain the roads these buildings are located.  I put sole blame on the commission for allowing this to happen.  In my opinion, that’s just bad business.  It is high time that Bradley County receives strong, firm leadership that is willing to negotiate and discuss the terms of these agreements.”

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